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You want to submit your work/ideas/comments to the Free Film Project? Do it right now, and write to freefilm-project@lists.sourceforge.net!

How can you help us?
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How can YOU help us?

There are very many ways in which you can help us out - for some of them, you don't need any special skills. Being able to read is of some help though. :)

Here's a (far from complete) list of things you could do - let us know if there's anything that should be added.
  • Read the scripts - and send us some feedback on them. Even a oneliner, such as "great story" or "this piece of crap sucks completely" can be helpful - knowing what people like and what they don't like is a great help.
    The scripts can be found here.
  • Fix up the scripts - even a script that looks complete can take some fixing - you can add or modify scenes (or remove them if you think they're boring), point out flaws in the logic of a story, and/or help us fix up the spelling and grammar. We are an international project, and not every participant is a native English speaker, so some language constructs will probably be flawed.
    Of course, you're equally welcome to write your own script (or storyline or just story idea). This can be anything you want. Our first nearly finished script may be a science fiction script, but that doesn't mean we're a sci-fi group. We could just as easily be working on something else.
    Some of the ideas deal with other genres already.
  • You do not need to know anything about writing to help us with the scripts. You don't need to be a professional writer to have a funny idea, to see a flaw in the logic of a story, or to notice spelling/grammar mistakes. If you make mistakes, it doesn't mean your contribution isn't valuable - since we're all about open source, someone else can jump in and fix it!
  • Don't assume just because something is obvious, it has already been reported. Chances are that if something is bad and hasn't been fixed, we aren't aware of it. Besides, getting the same report 10 times is better than not getting it at all.
  • Don't be afraid to make a "stupid" suggestion. We won't kill you for making a suggestion we don't like, and we don't think that someone is stupid just for making a suggestion we don't agree with.
    And you aren't endangering the project, because we can always decide not to follow this particular decision.

    The only stupid suggestions are those that aren't made.
  • Design scenery, clothing, artifacts, ... - if you've read a story, draw the items, characters, etc. appearing there - we need to know what our stuff looks like... Again, the only stupid suggestions are those that aren't made. It doesn't have to be perfect - if you don't get it right, other people (including yourself!) can start improving what you've done until it gets there.
    As with the scripts, send comments on the things that are already there. Comments are always helpful.
  • Make them!
  • - you think that, for example, a costume design is great? Go ahead and turn it into reality!
  • Write some music... or listen to some - any good film needs some background music, a title theme, etc.
  • Create or improve sound effects
  • Do some programming... - We need help developing our software - feel free to jump in, or just start your own project. We don't claim to have a complete list of what could be useful.
  • Improve the website - You're currently looking at our website... Did you notice anything that could be better? Either improve it yourself, or let us know what needs to be improved.
    If you don't know anything about the internals of website building, don't be afraid - it's not difficult, and we have some people who can help you.
  • Improve/write documentation - both for handling the software and for non-technical things related to filmmaking (creating latex masks, camera handling, ...), some HOWTOs would be a great addition.
    As with the other things, sending comments on the documentation that exists is much better than doing nothing.
  • Translate it - we're an international group, so translating the scripts, website, documentation, ... would be very helpful.
  • Spread the word... - Let other people who might be interested know - your friends, university drama societies, amateur dramatics groups, theatrical schools, ...
    Do NOT, under any circumstances, use illegal/unethical methods, such as unsolicited bulk email (UBE, SPAM) to do this.
  • Something else? - Maybe we've overlooked a task that needs to/should be done? Let us know!

Found anything you'd like to do? Great! Please take a second to drop a note to freefilm-project@lists.sourceforge.net and let everyone know so we can coordinate our work with you! If you need additional resources (mailing lists, CVS servers, etc.) for the area you intend to work on, talk to born_to_code@users.sourceforge.net - we're sure we can find a solution in a reasonable time.
Subscribe to one of our mailing-lists

Several mailing lists for the project have been created. You can subscribe to one (or more) of them through these links:

   freefilm-writers (For people interested in writing in a open source way)

   freefilm-development (For people interested in coding)

   freefilm-project (For announcements of project updates or general discussion)