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On this page you'll find a list of everything we've done during the earlier period of the project, from vague ideas to complete scripts. If you wish to share your thoughts on this, or if you'd like to submit new works or ideas, please write to freefilm-project@lists.sourceforge.net or if you wish to start writing scripts in a open source way, please visit Free Script Exchange (our partner in the Project). For more info in how to get involded, please visit the 'Get involved!' page.
         C O M P L E T E . S C R I P T S
'Time Will Tell', by bero
A science-fiction script, that could be split into episodes. It's a complete script, but that doesn't mean it's entirely finished.. It may need some editing, some corrections here and there.. Check it out, and see what you can do!

'Resistance', by bero
A Star Trek story.

'The First Warp Flight', by bero
A Star Trek parody.

'Microsoft Trek', by bero
A Star Trek parody.

         U N F I N I S H E D . M A T E R I A L
'Digital Mirror', by jcday
Digital Mirror, a gothic sci-fi universe..

'Disrupture', by maYam
A weird film.. (writing in progress)

A crime story, by bero: the murderer deliberately leaves so many traces pointing to him that everyone has to believe that someone is making it look like he's guilty..