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Captain Jordan Cox
Born 2103 in a small village in the region formerly known as United Europe.
Got interested in exploration of space when he was very young, and always focused all his efforts on being a part of it.
Specialized in science and diplomacy at ISTA. Started working in the science department of space station 13, made it to chief science officer of the GAS xyz. Got reassigned to Setal to assist negotiations of the terms of Setal joining the Galactic Alliance.
Next assignment: First officer of a border patrol ship, promoted to Captain of the same ship when his captain was promoted off. Transferred to GAS Endeavor as Captain now...

Commander John Breskens
Breskens grew up on Earth, and joined ISTA when he left school.
Being fascinated with detective stories, he chose to join the Security branch of the Galactic Alliance.
His first assignment was a security officer on the GAS xyz.
He got promoted to chief security officer of space station 76, which he now left to become first officer of the GAS Endeavor.

Science Officer Bero
Born 2130 by Terran parents on in N'Rewat, on the planet Alpha.
Started getting interested in computers and science when he was a kid - and then spent most of his life at his computers.
Joined the ISTA (the Interstellar Training Academy) as soon as he could - and after a year was nearly removed from it for a successful attempt at breaking into the Academy's computer systems just for fun. It was decided, however, that since he didn't break anything and helped fixing the leaks that enabled him to get in, he could stay.
First assignment in 2149: Science department of space station 23. Immediately accepted the offer to join the crew of the Endeavor as chief science officer in 2153.
Keeps a collection of old computers in his quarters.

Security Officer S'Trel
S'Trel is a Setallian - one of the most recent worlds to join the Galactic Alliance. Before joining the Galactic Alliance (and therefore falling under the cease-fire agreements between the GA and the Caslons), the Setallians were in a bloody war with the Caslons - Having seen this all first hand, S'Trel doesn't trust and dislikes Caslons.
Being a generally peaceful person without experience or qualification for a different job, he decided to join the security branch of the Galactic Alliance.
The Endeavor is his third assignment.

Counselor EEE
Born 2133 in Australia, Earth. Fascinated with the new possibilities of space exploration.
Always regretting she doesn't have a talent for sciences, she joined ISTA to at least participate in other branches. Selected psychology and diplomacy as main subjects in ISTA, but took classes in security and starship operations to understand at least the basics of what the people she'd be supposed to counsel would be doing.
The GAS Endeavor is her first assignment.

Born 2117 in a small village in the Rocky Mountains.
Joined ISTA primarily to make sure that people and lives in particular don't get ignored over all the new technology, which she finds useful, but isn't too interested in.
Tried to get familiar with the physiology and medicine of all known sentient species.

Lt. Seron
Born 2143 on the planet Alpha.
Currently Operations and Communications officer on the endeavor.

Ens. HHH, Navigator
Born 2134 on the GAS abc.
Always wanted to follow her parents into space.
Her goal is to make Captain some day - her main ISTA classes were starship operations and diplomacy.
The Endeavor is her first assignment.