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You have pretty much free hand when designing new starships (or new whatever). However, please read the section on technology to stay consistent. (For example, the technology behind the Galactic Alliance's translight drive requires a specific form of the engine.)

Other notes on the design:
  • Galactic Alliance ships (the Endeavor) The Galactic Alliance is a peaceful organization, dedicated to science and diplomacy. The ship does not look aggressive or intimidating.
    The engines are basically a big ring around the ship that can be turned and moved: They work by creating a kind of wormhole for the ship to pass through. The ring can be separated from the ship.
    Draft from Jason Mellen:

  • Caslon ships Caslon ships are military - they are designed to look impressive and intimidating.
    Since the Caslons are technologically on a similar level to the Galactic Alliance, they use a similar type of engine. (Not necessarily the same - maybe they create square-shaped or triangular wormholes?)

  • I.S. Explorer The Explorer is an Earth ship from the first half of the 21st century. At the rate current space exploration goes, the construction of the I.S. Explorer would start in 10 years or so - so it doesn't have many technical surprises.
    NASA has supplied us with some pictures showing what such a craft would look like.

  • Interstellar Empire ships The Interstellar Empire is a military organization, convinced it cannot be defeated. Try getting that into the ship design... ;)

  • Idex ship The Idex are very different from us, and so is their technology and their design. Do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't look like anything familiar.