T I M E . W I L L . T E L L : planets and organizations
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The Galactic Alliance

1. Why do all the people on the Endeavor look so much like humans?

Different life forms require different environments. The Galactic Alliance also contains worlds with inhabitants who are very different - but they can not survive in the same environment as humans, Setallians, Alphans and similar species.

The Galactic Alliance has other ships with different life support systems for those species. (Do you think a human would like to serve on a water-filled ship the intelligent cetaceanoids from ta'goX prefer?)

2. What kind of organization is the Galactic Alliance?

The Galactic Alliance is a political organization, trying to ensure peaceful coexistance and cooperation among its member worlds.

The Galactic Alliance is very dedicated to exploration of space and sciences - even though they can be taken to duties like border patrol occasionally, the GA starships are *NOT* militaries.

3. Member worlds

Earth is inhabited, among others, by a weird species known as humans.
look at a mirror near you to see an (admittedly odd!) specimen. ;)

Alpha is a founding member of the Galactic Alliance.
Alphans look much like large humans - the most obvious difference is the Alphans' long tail.
Seron is an Alphan.

The intelligent species on ta'goX lives in the oceans. They're somewhat comparable to earth's cetaceans, but developed obvious intelligence and the ability to use tools. Their technology is about the same level as Earth's, but very different due to the different nature of the inhabitants.

Setal is inhabitated by Setallians, a humanoid species.
The initial contact with the Setallians caused a long conflict caused by misunderstandings based on cultural differences.
After the disputes settled, Setal joined the Galactic Alliance.
It is the newest member world.
S'Trel is a Setallian.

The Caslon Empire

Very little is known about the Caslons at this time - they're paying attention to not revealing much information to the Galactic Alliance's member worlds.

There is a cease-fire agreement with the Caslons, but it is an uneasy truce.